Northern Ireland Tax Professionals

Save money on your Northern Ireland tax with services from Diver Donaghy in Derry, Northern Ireland. We make it quick and easy to file your taxes and we provide as much tax relief as possible for your business.

If you have savings and an income that is less than your tax allowance plus £5,000, your savings may be taxed at 10%. Find out more at Low Incomes Tax Reform Group.

Taxable Income

Not all your income is accountable as taxable income. All taxpayers are entitled to a certain amount of tax-free income. The amount is determined by a number of factors, including tax reliefs, allowances, and starting rates for savings.

Tax Bands

The amount of tax you pay in Northern Ireland depends on how much taxable income you earn. For a complete list of rates, please visit HM Revenue & Customs. The basic tax bands for 2015/16 are as follows:

  • £0- £34,500 Taxable Income 20% Basic Rate
  • £34,501 - £150,000 40% Basic Rate
  • More Than £150,000 45% Basic Rate